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goh-goh™ is the finest air-dried milk in the world. This isn’t anything like your grandma’s powdered milk. It’s so much better in so many ways.

  • The moment you add water (warm or cold) and give it a quick stir, goh-goh™ instantaneously reconstitutes as 100% rich, perfectly bottle-fresh milk.
  • goh-goh™ is available in all popular forms of milk: 2%, Homogenized, 1%, skim and chocolate milk.
  • Every nutrient, vitamin, and fine characteristic of the milk that comes fresh from the cow is in goh-goh™, absolutely nothing has been lost in our unique air drying process.
  • Not one chemical has been added.
  • That means our milk is pure.

A few years ago,

We had a vision.

Approved in Canada by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and the US Food and Drug Administration, goh-goh™ cereal was created by master formulator, Richard Pelzer, president of Sunny Crunch Foods Ltd.. As the original company that invented granola 46 years ago, Sunny Crunch has a long history in Canada as a world-wide pioneer in natural and nutritious foods.

Over two years in the making, finding the right partner to safely and reliably remove all of the water from milk was no easy task. After all, milk is 87% water and 13% good stuff. goh-goh™ is nothing but the good stuff in a convenient form.

The inspiration for goh-goh™ started when Richard went looking to develop a remarkable new product that would finally make granola a convenient, cost-saving, nutritious, take-it-with-you snack or meal.

This “on-the-go” granola would include a meticulous crafted whole-milk powder to which you could just add water anywhere, anytime, and enjoy a refreshing creamy whole milk and cereal experience! The biggest hurdle: a milk powder that would be good enough for us to proudly serve to you did not exist.


This was our goal.


The ultimate goal of sourcing a whole milk powder that would instantaneously become natural whole milk again, with the addition of water began. It would be as nutritious, creamy, pure, wholesome, and naturally sweet as fine milk poured fresh from a glass bottle.

The challenge was great, but the cause was monumental!

In the end, an amazing process was developed in which the water is air-dried out of fresh milk at the dairy, so that only the stuff we love remains. Then meticulously filter and process this pristine powder so that it can work its instant transformation into goh-goh™ granola, now available in two tasty flavours.



It instantly reconstitutes as rich, perfectly bottle-fresh milk as soon as you add cold (or warm) water, and give it a quick stir or shake.

Every nutrient, vitamin, and fine characteristic that comes fresh from the cow is here in our milk, nothing has been lost.

No chemicals or preservatives have been added: Our milk is pure.

The possibilities for goh-goh™ are endless.

Imagine, no more waking up to bad soured milk in the fridge, no hassle transporting milk to work or school without it spilling or getting to warm……and of course, a quick and easy way to put an end to the dreaded late night trip to the corner store for that carton of milk.

Students will finally find nutritious alternatives to unhealthy snack choices, truckers could get their hit of whole milk while on the road, travellers can choose goh-goh™ versus an unhealthy choice, and runners could quench their thirst at the end of a race with chocolate milk, instantly!

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